No Need to Chase the Drink Cart

Old Town Putt proudly serves beer, wine, cocktails, cider, soft drinks and Frozen Cocktails.

Drink Menu


New Belgium Old Aggie Lager $4
Funkwerks Raspberry Provincial $5.50
Odell Isolation Ale $5.50
Maxline Irish Red $5.50
Black Bottle Hey Arnold $5.50
Prost Weisbier $5.50
Bootstrap Insane Rush IPA $5.50
Intersect Hounds of Hell $7.00

Pitchers also available.


Coors Light $5
Coors Banquet $5
Blue Moon Belgian White $5
Michelob Ultra $4
Montucky Cold Snack 16oz $3.50
Odell Drumroll APA $6.50
Odell 90 Shilling $6.50
Odell IPA $6.50
Odell Sippin Pretty Sour $5.50
H&D Silver Lion Pilsner $5.50
Funkwerks Tropic King $6
New Belgium Fat Tire  16oz $6.50
New Belgium Dayblazer $4
New Belgium Mountain Time $4
Dry Dock Vanilla Porter $5.50

Hard Seltzer & Cider

White Claw, Black Cherry $6
White Claw, Mango $6
Seattle Dry Hard Cider $6
Joia Greyhound Cocktail $7


House Wine Lemon-Lime Spritz 12oz $9
House Wine Rose Bubbles 12oz $9
House Wine Chardonnay 12oz $9
House Wine Red 12 oz $9
Wycliff Brut $5


Frozen Cocktails $7, add an extra shot for $2

The Bushwood – Tea, Citrus and Rye Whiskey. A frozen spin on a John Daly. $7
Watermelon Diablo – Watermelon Margarita with a splash of ginger. Refreshing and delicious. $7
Hemingway Daiquiri – Rum, Grapefruit and Cherry Liqueur with Lime. Up to “par” for the man himself. $7
Chi Chi – Basically a Pina Colada with vodka instead of rum.A simple cocktail with a tropical punch. $7


Squid Bite: Kraken Spiced Rum, Hot Apple Cider & Cinnamon Stick $7
Autumn Spice Tonic: Spiced Pear Vodka and Tonic $7
Cinnamon Toast: Fireball Cinnamon Whisky & Orchata Cinnamon Liqueur $7
Moscow Mule $6
Red Bull Vodka, served with the can $8
Coco Loco: Tiki Drink with CopperMuse Gold Rum and House Infused Coconut CopperMuse Silver Rum $8


Fireball Cinnamon Whisky $6
Skrewball Peanut Butter Whiskey $6
Jim Beam Peach Whiskey $6
Lemon Drop $6
PB&J $6
Cinnamon Toast Crunch $6
Birdie Bomb $6


Also serving Pepsi soft drinks and non-alcoholic cherry and blue raspberry slushies.