What used to be the Post Office of Fort Collins is now the Fort Collins Museum of Art and host to a ghost named George.

The Fort Collins Museum of Art was originally Fort Collins first post office, and before that a cemetery. It’s no surprise employees of the museum and Blue Agave Grill have had experiences with one particular spirit, nicknamed George. 

General Manager Gloria Boresen gave the spirit this nickname because she knows he is there and has definitely encountered him.

“At the time of the construction of Blue Agave grill, the building supervisor said that the fire alarm kept going off during nightly inspections,” Boresen said. “I said, ‘well did you talk to George about it?’ We went down to the construction site where we said hi to him.”

Both Boresen and the building supervisor felt intense pressure on their left shoulders as soon as they started communicating with George. The ghostly shenanigans stopped for awhile after that. She later discovered the site for post office and now museum was Fort Collin’s first cemetery, with an unknown number of bodies still resting beneath the museum and Blue Agave Grill.