Frank Miller

Frank Miller was a Danish immigrant and a jack of all trades in the late 1800s. Miller was best known for his part in Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show as a trick shooter, traveling all over and becoming good friends with Buffalo Bill himself. 

The Linden Hotel, now home to retail businesses such as Nature’s Own, has an interesting history of guests who have decided to stick around. One such guest is Frank Miller, and an unknown woman who haunts the staircase. 

According to the Fort Collins Museum of Discovery’s Local History Archive, in 1920, Miller purchased the Trail’s End Ranch, where he created a wild animal zoo and a wild west show. Guests from across the nation, including celebrities, came to see the ranch that had over 1,400 animals. Miller was also a photographer and artist, and many of his works can be seen throughout Fort Collins today.

Sadly, after losing his business, wife and son, he spent the rest of his days living in the Linden Hotel, which is now the local science store, Natures Own.  His ghost can be seen by one of his paintings in the back of the store. However, if you try to approach him, he will disappear.

Nature’s Own employee Kelly Reynolds revealed there have been some disturbances around the store that indicate a possible entity but not necessarily a ghost.

“We’ve had a bowl fall of the shelf and a vase split down the middle,” Reynolds said. “I don’t know what I believe. (It) is kind of fun to think there’s something I’m unsure of here.”

Customers can perhaps experience paranormal feeling in the back corner of the store, where one of Miller’s paintings hangs on the wall.