Charles Dinneback

Walrus Ice Cream hosts a spirit named Charles Dinneback, nicknamed the Walrus Man. He lives in the tunnels under the ice cream parlor and likes to make his presence known to people on a ghost tour. 

According to Lori Juszak, the founder of Fort Collins tours and author of “Ghosts of Fort Collins”, a Fort Collins businessman named Charles Dinneback is said to haunt the tunnels beneath Walrus Ice Cream. The Dinneback family was known for their barber shop, boarding house and Dinneback Café, where Walrus Ice Cream now stands.

The tunnels beneath Walrus is where “Charlie’s” spirit now hangs out. He enjoys grabbing the ankles and hair of ladies and making things move inside the ice cream shop.

Dinneback is considered to be an “intelligent spirit,” manifesting himself in physical ways and simply seeking the company and attention of others.

If you ever find yourself in the tunnels beneath Fort Collins, Charlie will be a friend in an otherwise very creepy place.