Grab a friend and come join us for our Wednesday Mini Golf League starting April 7th!

This season will be 7 weeks long: 6-week Regular Season + 1 week End of Season Tournament on 05/19/2021

  • 7 weeks season: 6-week Regular Season + 1 week End of Season Tournament
  • Each week will be a new format
  • Teams of 2 will compete against another team each week to win as many points as possible (alternates can fill in when needed)
  • $25 per player includes green fees for all 7 weeks
  • 18 holes per week
  • Weekly drink specials for participants
  • Prizes for weekly winners and League Champions
  • The winning team each week will be automatically entered into the spring Tournament of Champions
  • The seventh week will be a seeded consolation bracket tournament based on Regular Season standings, and ALL teams are competing!

Week 1 – Odd Objects: One player from each team draws a card on each hole. The cards drawn determines what object must be used to play the hole


Week 2 – Blindfolded: One player from each team will have to play the entire hole blindfolded as their teammate guides them


Week 3 – Gruesome: Twosome Both players on a team tee off and the opposing team chooses which shot must be used to finish the hole from


Week 4 – Alternate Shot & Wig: week Each team of 2 alternates turns taking shots on each hole. Each player that wears a wig will get an extra 10 points towards their team’s season total


Week 5 (Cinco de Mayo) – Silly Shots: Each hole will have a designated way to play. Alternating teammate plays each hole


Week 6: Best Ball


Week 7: End of Season Tournament!


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