Indoor Mini Golf, Big Fun

Play. Is there a better four-letter word in the English language? Or is that FORE-letter? Regardless — as we shake our heads and roll our eyes at our own inability to stay away from cheesy golf puns — we can’t think of anything better than being given permission to play. And, being weirdly fond of mini golf, we can’t think of much better ways to relax and have fun than with a club in one hand and a beer in the other. Yes, we’re aware that that particular stance doesn’t make for very good golf scores but we refuse to change our approach.

Round Out the Fun

Nine holes. One ball. One club. And a cart-load of fun.

Though it’s the same game you loved as a kid, we gave it a grown-up edge. Creatively designed and laid out to challenge you, your family and friends, our Top Rated Local® Fort Collins bar’s indoor mini golf course invites kids of all ages to compete and enjoy in America’s favorite pastime. We’ve set family hours apart from adult-only playtime to make sure everyone can take full advantage of the clubhouse and not step on the toes of other players. Kids and their parents can enjoy a wholesome game or two, and legal-aged adults can imbibe in sinful concoctions and indulge in boisterous playtime without judgment.

Located in the Exchange on North College in Old Town Fort Collins, we offer an alternative to the routine and provide a different course in fun.

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Adults Kids (12 & Under) Military Discount Students (Must Present Current ID)
$8.50 $6.50 $5.50 $5.50
  • Skee-ball and Golden Tee are cash-operated.
  • Shuffleboard and Ping Pong are free!

The Holes

Coming Soon – Hole Information!