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How it works


  • Registration closes Sunday, August 15th!
  • Teams can be made up of 2 or 3 players. (min of 2 players per week)
  • Registration costs $5 per person. (please pay for all team mates at once, if possible)
  • Each player will receive one free drink token to be used during the 3 week skee-ball tournament.


  • 3rd Place = Odell T-shirts
  • 2nd Place = Odell T-shirts + Odell Hats
  • 1st Place = Odell T-shirt + Odell Hats + Sipping Pretty Lawn Chairs

Game Play:

Regular Games (first 2 weeks)

  • Teams will be paired up for matches using a round robin bracket. Each team will play 2 or 3 matches per night, depending on league size.
  • A match will consist of two teams playing a best of Five (5) or Seven (7) series, depending on the league size (the first team to win 3 or 4 games wins the match). Teams will roll at the same time. The “series number” will be spelled out on the first night of the tournament.
  • Each team must have a minimum of 2 rollers per game.
  • Each player will roll all 9 balls per frame.
  • Teams will play 1 game with regular rules, and then each team will take turns drawing 1 of 6 oddball rules.
  • Skeeball etiquette requires both players to pause and wait before they roll the 9th (and final) ball. The person with the higher score rolls first.
  • The winning team gets 2 points toward the total tally and play continues into the next game. (If the game is tied, 1 point will be awarded for each team)

Playoffs (3rd week)

  • Teams with the most points at the end of week two will compete in playoffs.
  • All teams can come play but they will not be eligible for prizes.
  • Teams in the playoff will compete in a double elimination bracket.
  • Top 3 teams at the end of playoffs will win prizes from Odell Brewing. 

Oddball Rules Examples:

  1. Non-Dominant Hand - Player must roll all balls of the frame with their non-dominant hand.

  2. 100's Only - Player must aim for 100 points on every roll of the frame and BE HONEST! All points will still count but you must go for the 100!

  3. No Lookskee – One roller will be blind folded and led to the machine where they will roll one full frame (9 balls). Teammates may assist through verbal direction but are not allowed to physically aid the blinded folded roller. Top score between the two teams wins the round.

  4. Price is Right Host designates a total score (160, for example), and the team that gets closest to that score without going over wins the round.

  5. Lowest Score – The team with the lowest total score after rolling all nine balls wins the round.

  6. Speed Round – Each player will throw their balls at the command of the host. Only one ball may be thrown at a time and only one ball may be in the players hand at a time. The next ball can’t be thrown until the previous ball has entered a hole. The first player to roll all of their balls and have the machine flash game over or for their score to flash will be considered the winner.

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More details


  • Groups must have at least 2 rollers on their team.
  • In order to determine sides of the machine, teams will “Rock, Paper, Scissors”. The winning team decides the side of the skeeball machines for the game.
  • Every ball must be rolled while standing with both feet on the ground in front of the machines (i.e., no rolling from the side of the lane) Violating this rule will result in a score of zero for balls rolled during the infraction.
  • Players are NOT ALLOWED to lean onto the skeeball machines.
  • Balls that fail to enter the scoring zone and roll or otherwise return to the thrower are able to be re-thrown.
  • Rules are up to the hosts discretion. If you have any questions of interpretation of rules, please e-mail

Scoring or Machine Malfunctions (they’re not human, but they have flaws, too)

Some machines are older than others. Players are advised that the league plays on a variety of models, styles, and ages of machines and that scoring errors are an inescapable aspect of the game. When a scoring error is made it is the responsibility of the witnessing party to IMMEDIATELY bring the scoring error to the attention of the other team and host.

If both captains are able to agree upon the alternation of the score to fix the machine error the game may continue. If captains are unable to agree then the host will make a judgement ruling given the testimony of the captains and their personal knowledge of the machines. The ruling will be in the form of a score alteration and will be considered FINAL. Scoring errors do NOT result in re-rolls or voids of frames.

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