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Get your Putt in Here

Where Anytime is Tee Time

If you expected us to “tee up” a cart-load of golf puns, you’ll be missing the shot. Why? Because Old Town Putt is nothing like what you’d expect from an indoor mini golf course. Our Top Rated Local® Fort Collins bar pairs your favorite childhood game with your favorite adult beverages, giving you a whole new way to go “clubbing” on Saturday night. So we lied about the puns. Does that drive a wedge between us? Visit our “clubhouse” today. We’ll make it up to you!

Let's Play


Nestled in the corner of Old Town’s Exchange in Fort Collins, Old Town Putt offers visitors a unique, challenging way to spend an afternoon or night out. Not only do we have nine indoor mini golf holes to play, but our full bar, outdoor patio and wide range of bar games round out the fun! With designated hours for families, as well as adult-only times, we make sure your good time is never handicapped by others.

Come Have A Drink

Legalize Mini Golf!

Ace Your Next Private or Corporate Event with Old Town Putt

When was the last time you sunk a putt? Tracked a Golden Tee shot? Skeed a ball, shuffled a board, or pinged a pong for that matter? Don’t tell us those aren’t a thing — they’re our thing. And we’d love it if you joined in. The clubs are hot and the drinks are cold. C’mon. You know you wanna play. We’ll hold your tee time for you.

Be the Group Hero


  1. Dana and his staff were extremely accommodating to all our needs…

    Old Town Putt hosted our group for our 2019 Holiday Party, Dana and his staff were extremely accommodating to all our needs and kept everything very organized and professional. Being able to bring in our own catering and have our own space to socialize with a group of 40+ was incredible. I would highly recommend!

    Jon Mills
    Director Or Marketing

    Old Town Putt
  2. Thank you Old Town Putt for a memorable and fun afternoon – we will be back!

    We recently had our departmental holiday gathering at Old Town Putt. Dana hosted us through a double elimination tournament event involving all the features available: Skee-ball, shuffleboard, ping pong, beer pong and, of course, mini golf. All we had to do was enjoy ourselves, which was easy in the relaxed atmosphere that Old Town Putt provided. We were even able to bring in food from Vatos Tacos right there in The Exchange and needed nothing else but to enjoy each other. Thank you Old Town Putt for a memorable and fun afternoon – we will be back!

    Travis Morrison
    Director of IT
    New Belgium Brewing

    Image result for new belgium logo

    Old Town Putt
  3. “The mini golf course was not only wonderfully appointed but offered a fun challenge”

    “We had our After Busy Season Company Party at Old Town Putt in May of 2019.  Holly, Dana and team were such a joy to work with. They made sure every detail of our party was seamless and helped make sure that the party flowed exceptionally well with the 25 people we had drinking, eating and playing minigolf.  They have a great selection of drinks from beers, wines, cocktails, and alcoholic frozen cocktails. The mini golf course was not only wonderfully appointed but offered a fun challenge. We would highly recommend Old Town Putt for any of your group party needs and we cannot wait to host another company event there!”

    Stephanie L. Kimak, CPA
    Unify Payroll 

    Old Town Putt
  4. “Fun, organized, and the private room was perfect for our department”

    “The City of Fort Collins loves Old Town Putt! Hosting our event there was a great choice – it was fun, organized, and the private room was perfect for our department. The staff was polite, helpful, and more than accommodating. We would definitely recommend them to other departments within the City and other local businesses.”

    Macy Weitzel
    Business Support
    City of Fort Collins

    Old Town Putt
  5. “An absolute great place for a group outing!”

    “An absolute great place for a group outing!  Owner coordinated a bar game tournament for us, had local places take orders and deliver food, and did a great job in assuring our group had a good time.   We will be back!”

    Kyle Friederich
    Senior Operations Manager

    Old Town Putt


We’ve got indoor mini golf, Golden Tee, skee-ball, shuffleboard and ping pong. Seriously, what more could you want? Frosty mugs of beer you say? Alright. Signature cocktails? One step ahead of ya. Your friends and neighbors already know about us. Get your putt in here!

Who says company gatherings and client meetings have to be stuffy and boring? Old Town Putt offers new ways to connect. With your own “caddie,” customized games and challenges, tasty drinks and catered food options, we put the TEE in team-building (yes, we’re aware that was a stretch). Find out how.

Planning a private event should never leave you in the rough. At Old Town Putt, we’re aces when it comes to parties. Our hosts personalize your event to include all the mini golf, bar games and indulgences you’re looking for, whether you’ve never held a golf club or are a seasoned duffer.

Stop by, grab a club, a drink and get ready to play like a kid again!

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